Memorizing basic math facts is a drag.

Horse races, on the other hand, are always exciting! So one day I said to myself, "Why not combine the two?" …and "Flashmath Derby" was born.


Children already love playing with their iPad or iPod touch. Flashmath Derby is a fun and productive way for them to practice learning their addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts. Competitors need to be not only accurate, but also speedy, in order to keep their jockey out in front of the competition. Correct answers urge your horse forward towards the finish line, while wrong answers or delayed responses cause you to fall behind.

The game is fully customizable. You can choose to drill addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division facts- even focusing on just one row of the math tables for quicker retention. You can have a short race of just ten questions or a 100 card marathon covering it all. Younger children can play a slower paced game with more time given to respond to each question. Older children can be pushed to answer more quickly and are rewarded with higher scores when successful. At the end of each race, players are given the option to review and learn from their mistakes.


The fast-paced excitement of Flashmath Derby makes it one of the most addicting iPad math games available in the app store. And now, this learning tool is also available to those with an iPhone or iPod touch! Kids love their gadgets, but it's great when they can be receiving a real benefit from their screen time.

A mastery of basic arithmetic is essential for future success in more advanced mathematics like algebra and geometry. All children possess the capability to memorize. "Flashmath Derby" makes it fun. The tiny investment in this app for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch can repay for itself with a lifetime of dividends. 

© Luke D. Bartolomeo 2012